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Travel Club

Updated: Feb 12

Hello, my name is Ms. Nancy Hanna and I am our school's Spanish teacher and Travel Club facilitator. Why did I take on the Travel Club? Because I am a fervent believer that the inequalities in education are widespread. They don't stop with outdated textbooks, heat or air conditioning and old buildings. When PTAs in affluent neighborhoods can earn $10,000 plus in one silent auction (which I think is fantastic and good for them), sadly, students at schools like ours, a Title I site, can't raise that in a whole year because we lack those generous connections then the inequalities dig deeper. 

Our travel club students have a vision; they are committed to working hard, fundraising, preparing and selling food, but most importantly they are working hard to remain in good standing and pass all their classes. Our travel club students are committed and looking forward to taking their first plane ride out of Oakland and discovering new places.

What does teaching a world language and facilitating student travel have in common?

The outcome: The larger picture of learning a second language or traveling to a new country is that students will develop a curiosity about the world. They will find amazement and excitement as they learn a second language or take that first plane ride leading them to be inspired to travel and discover career opportunities and a journey towards becoming global citizens.

Why is this important? 

This is important because students who step outside of their comfort zone and walk in foreign lands will develop inner awareness, independence, cultural appreciation, and openness towards diversity. They will become more tolerant of other ethnicities. They will return home to share this knowledge, awareness, and experiences with others in their community. Hence perpetuating the importance of openness of language learning, travel, tolerance, and acceptance of people's uniqueness's.

How can you help?

Please help us reward their diligence and hard work by donating what you can and please share our Street Academy's Traveler's Club fundraiser far and wide:

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GoFundMe Fundraiser

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Thank you,

Ms. Nancy and The Travel Club



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