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Our History

The Oakland Emiliano Zapata Street Academy (OEZSA) is Oakland’s original “small school.” Street Academy was founded as part of Oakland’s historic struggles for civil rights and racial justice. Since 1973, we have provided quality public education to Bay Area youth with a focus on community and personal growth and empowerment. We are a highly diverse public alternative high school (not a charter or continuation school).

Our Philosophy

Street Academy

We remain committed to social change and racial and economic justice. We work towards these goals by honoring and integrating the life experiences and histories of our students and their communities. We created an alternative structure and a meaningful, student centered curriculum through which ALL students can obtain a diploma and go on to college or the career of their choice.

Street Academy has been deeply committed to honoring these roots and promoting the values  of UNITY, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT & COMMUNITY SERVICE for almost 50 years.

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