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Yajaira Lainez

Recruitment Coordinator

Yajaira Lainez serves as the Recruitment Coordinator at Street Academy, bringing a unique perspective and dedication to her role. She is a proud alumna of Oakland Emiliano Zapata Street Academy, having graduated in 2020. Yajaira is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology at California State University East Bay, a testament to her commitment to higher education.

Born and raised in El Salvador, Yajaira is a first-generation college student, paving the way for her family and future generations. Her journey reflects her determination to overcome challenges and create opportunities.

In her free time, Yajaira enjoys spending quality time with her family, embracing the warmth of family bonds. She is an avid cook, finding joy in culinary creations, and a passionate reader of romance novels. Yajaira also enjoys long walks, using them as a moment of reflection and connection with the world around her. Her curiosity leads her to explore different cultures, fostering a rich appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

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