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Nancy Hanna

Spanish Teacher & Administrative Assistant

Nancy Hanna is a valued member of the Street Academy team, serving as both a Spanish Teacher and Administrative Assistant. She holds a diverse educational background that reflects her passion for learning and dedication to her roles.

Nancy earned her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Comparative Literature and Spanish Literature from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. Her academic journey also includes a certificate in Nonprofit Business Management from Cal State East Bay, highlighting her commitment to community-driven initiatives. Nancy is currently pursuing her Master's in Education at Notre Dame de Namur, further deepening her expertise in the field.

Outside of her professional commitments, Nancy is a multifaceted individual. She cherishes quality time with her family, finding joy in the warmth of familial connections. Nancy is an avid birdwatcher and aspires to sketch and memorize the names of the feathered friends she encounters. Her creative spirit is evident in her passion for writing, which extends to scripts, poetry, children's literature, short stories, and novels—all driven by her love for creativity and expression.

Nancy is also an enthusiast of the beautiful game, Futbol, and eagerly awaits the 2026 Men's World Cup, set to take place in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Her wanderlust fuels her love for travel, and she diligently journals her experiences. Additionally, Nancy dedicates time to researching her genealogy, uncovering her roots and heritage. A lifelong learner at heart, Nancy embraces every opportunity to expand her knowledge and continues to grow personally and professionally.

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