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From the Peacemaking Internship at Street Academy!

Updated: Mar 4

Street Academy

Hello from the Peacemaking Internship at Street Academy! At our small high school in downtown Oakland, we are dedicated to creating a vibrant and engaging environment for our students. Under the guidance of Zappa Montag, our internship program emphasizes the importance of restorative justice and community building. Currently, we are excited to announce a fundraising initiative aimed at enhancing our student spaces. This project will provide a comfortable and enjoyable area for students to gather, share meals, and engage in meaningful discussions. We are proudly selling succulents as part of this fundraising effort. Your support, through donations or plant purchases, will greatly assist us in improving our facilities and furthering our mission to foster future peacemakers.

Stay tuned for additional details on our upcoming fundraising page, which will offer more information and ways to contribute to this important cause.

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