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Board Co-President

Betsy Schulz

Betsy Schulz is a dedicated educator and the Co-President of the Street Academy Foundation Board of Directors. Her educational journey began at Monte Vista High School in Monte Vista, Colorado, where she laid the foundation for her passion for teaching and learning. Betsy holds a Bachelor of Science in biology education from the University of Colorado and a California secondary teaching credential from San Francisco State University.

In 1973, Betsy embarked on a transformative journey as a VISTA volunteer, becoming part of the staff that played a pivotal role in developing the Emiliano Zapata Street Academy. During her time at the academy, Betsy served as a biology teacher, leaving an indelible mark on students' educational journeys. Her dedication to the cause led her to take short leaves of absence in 1976 and 1977 to work with the United Farmworkers (UFW) and to travel to Cuba, broadening her perspectives and enriching her commitment to social justice.

Throughout her career, Betsy balanced her professional life with the joys of motherhood, taking leaves to give birth to her two sons, Devin and Ethan. Despite these commitments, she worked tirelessly at Street Academy, fulfilling various roles such as CTM, biology and physiology teacher, college and career counselor, and undertaking "other duties as assigned."

Betsy's dedication extended beyond the classroom as she collaborated with the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) as a mentor teacher and BTSA coach from 2011 to 2015, sharing her expertise and wisdom with fellow educators.

Upon her retirement in 2015, Betsy continued her involvement with Street Academy through volunteering. She also dedicated her time to stewardship and environmental education at Lake Merritt and embraced the joys of travel and quality time with her four grandchildren. Betsy resides in Oakland with her husband, Brian Lavelle.

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